April 25, 2017

Website and Resume Building Service (W.A.R.B.S.)



Website and Resume Building Service, LLC, or WARBS for short, is dedicated to the improvement of employability and business online presence. WARBS is built with the idea of simplicity, efficiency and professionalism for the modern need of catering to progressive technology.

WARBS has the idea of helping people find the jobs they want and to empower companies and small businesses by using the internet as a platform.

People Behind WARBS

Founder, Lateif Dickerson

Chief Lateif Dickerson, or Chief as he most often is referred to, is a highly accomplished firearms expert and self-defense instructor whom also owns, directs and serves as the Chief Instructor at the New Jersey Firearms Academy, inc at Jersey City, New Jersey.

You may visit his website at www.njfirearms.com or contact him at lateif@warbs.solutions.

Co-founder and Developer, Kirsten Patricio

Kirsten Patricio, or Kay, has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a content writer and a web developer. She has worked with Lateif Dickerson for the New Jersey Firearms Academy, Inc.

You can reach Kay at kay@warbs.solutions or warbs.solutions@keemail.me.

You can reach us both by using the contact form below: