Why You Need Your Resume Checked


I work as someone who tried to get people employed for a couple of years now and I can really say that a great resume makes a lasting impression. My memory is a short fuse but if a resume has made so much of an impact, it’s too hard to forget that person and you tend to remember them quickly. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘first impressions last.’

Maybe you’re new to the job market or maybe you need to polish your resume but don’t know how or perhaps you’ve been unlucky on your job hunt. People like us at WARBS help people out with their resumes. So maybe you’re deciding to use the service or not. Here are some of the main reasons why we think you should:

1). Increased employability

There are a few secrets to getting employed like having a great attitude at the interview, a lot of work experience and skill or well… the rather unorthodox way of knowing someone of a significant position on the company you are applying for. But how are you going to showcase what you can do and who you are? Answer: resume. That’s why the content of a resume is very important because that’s how hiring managers try to evaluate what they intend to pay you for.

Employees are the most valuable resource to a workforce that’s why applicants are carefully evaluated because they will be an asset to a company’s productivity. Not only that but resources would be invested to an employee. Resumes greatly help the evaluation and selection of future employees. A great resume increases your chances of employment significantly.

2). Better presentation

Trying to look for employment is like trying to sell a product except that the product is what you can do for your potential employer. Why should they pick you? What can you do to be an asset to them? How are you gonna help the company grow? You can put that in your resume.

Suppose you don’t have any work experiences and you are fresh on the job market, you can put your certifications or any other accomplishments on your resume because that would aid in a big way on your chances of employment.

The key is presentation or basically how to present yourself as an asset in resume form. Think of it as something like buying a product – you being the product and the employer being the buyer – you would want to know what the buyer is getting for their money and what better way to get that other than the presentation?


3). Professional checking

I’m sure you’d want your resume to be checked by someone who checks resumes professionally but never found who. That’s why we’re offering our expertise to help people get employed. People who evaluate your resume oftentimes wouldn’t tell you what needs to be improved with your resume.

The job market always needs more and more people as the demands for resources and several things expand exponentially so the demand needs to be met by getting more people in the workforce. However, there are a lot of times that people are very under-qualified or didn’t meet the criteria of a specific job they are applying for or maybe they are but just didn’t get to ace the interview or their resumes got shot down because the impression made wasn’t very pleasing or remarkable.

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