Why Your Business Needs a Website


With the fast growing pace of technology today, more and more people rely on the internet on even the simplest daily acitivies like checking on the weather, on friends, family and more often than not, products and services.

About 70% of the time, people look up what they want to buy on the internet, especially if it is a major purchase like gadgets, accessories or even clothes. People want that certainty and to determine the value of what they are getting for their hard earned money.

How would a website help improve your business significantly? Here are the top three reasons why:

1). More audience means wider reach which leads to more sales

For example, you sell shirts in Tampa Bay, Florida and you want to expand your horizons by shipping shirts to anywhere in the United States. What better way there is than to set up an online store? It would reach a massive amount of audience and it has capabilities of greater expansion and more exposure for your products and business. If you can sell around Florida, why not expand and ship your products to other parts of the United States?

2). Improved online presence

Going back to my point of looking for products online, people tend to find your products faster if they are displayed online on your very own domain and with the help of Google Ads (which is not mandatory for any website, by the way) you can increase the exposure of your website through advertising where people can see your stuff more and more exposure leads to more potential customers within your target ad locations.

Improving your online presence means that people would find it easier to reach out to you too. Personally, i find it far easier to contact a business by email or chat than calling them on the phone. It’s also easier for me to check a business out if they are online, to make sure whatever I’m buying is the real deal.

3). Legitimacy

The last but certainly not the least of the reasons why we think your business needs a website is your business legitimacy. For some reason, having a working website for your business makes the impression that you are serious and legitimate, as well as accessible and easier to find. Having a website also caters to praises as well as complaints faster and easier than not having a website. Simply put, having a website boosts your reputation. At this day and age, a good part of the world has internet access and consumers will always try to look you up and find out about your business.

There are several bodies that accredit websites and business that also are accessible online such as the Better Business Bureau. A membership fee is a couple hundred dollars but it does put your website in a pedestal as an accredited business and gives your business a rating, which relies mostly on customer reviews.


Although having a website for your business isn’t necessarily a requirement, it surely does make up as a huge advantage, especially if you intend to catch up on the exponential growth of modern day technology most especially the heavy use to internet to expand and promote your business to a variety of consumers and audiences.




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